Matchplay Stroke Calculator

With the arrival of the new World Handicapping System the calculation of strokes for matchplay competitions has changed.  The playing handicap is now used to calculate how many shots should be received.  The steps needed become:


Handicap Index -> Course Handicap -> Playing Handicap -> difference between players


This is complicated by the fact that some administrations use the course handicap rounded and some (such as Scotland) use the unrounded course handicap.  This can give a difference of upto 2 strokes depending on the calculation used.


This utility is designed to calculate the strokes received, principally for 4 ball better ball, using either of these methods. 

The slope of the course to be played and the playing handicap allowance are entered.  The method required is chosen.


Handicap indexes for the players are entered.  Players names can be changed if required.


The app calculates the playing handicaps and then works out how many strokes are received against the lowest handicap.


The playing handicap calculation takes the course handicap and multiplies it by the percentage and so can be used to understand the playing handicap for any instance.