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Produced Foam testing to standard NFPA11

Golf Apps


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Foam Test

This app assists with the completion of on-site testing of produced foam from expanded foam based fire fighting systems.  The app covers testing to 10 standards including NFPA11 and British Standards BS EN 13565-1:2019 and BS EN 13565-2018.  Additional standards can be entered by the user.


Tests can be carried out using 1 of 3 measurement types (Refractive Index (%Brix), Refractive Index, or Conductivity).


The app is a companion to the training course provided by Fire Foam Training Ltd.  It guides a user through the requirements of a test and allows the saving, printing and reporting of the results.


Golf Outing and Series Scorer

This app allows the stableford scores from a golf round to be verified.  A group of rounds can then be combined to work out the overall winner of a series


This app has been designed to be used on a golfing holiday that I am going on.  My holiday has 6 rounds in total and the winner has the highest score over the best four rounds


I have already used it for one round this year and found 3 errors in the counting on the scorecards.


Golf Outing and Series Scorer 2021


The app has undergone a major rewrite.


It now automatically saves and loads data.


It will work for handicaps from +9 to 54 including the ability to set playing handicap adjustments.


It will work for both Stableford and Strokeplay outings and series.


Coming soon team and other events to create more complex series.

Golf Handicap Companion


Giving a better understanding of the status of a world handicapping system golf handicap.  This app acts as a companion to an official handicap record.


This app gives easy visibility of the handicap index and 20 scores that make it up.


It also shows how the handicap may develop in the next round and gives a history of the handicap index over time.

MAtchplay Stroke Calculator


A utility to calculate the strokes received for each player in four ball better ball matches under the WHS handicapping system.


Allows calculations to be made either with exact course handicap or rounded playing handicap.