Golf Outing and Series Scorer 2021

The app opens with the outings screen.  From here you can select an outing to add players or create a new outing.  The create a new outing form allows you to select a name, date, course (or create a new course), choose the outing type and then select a playing handicap adjustment.  


The playing handicap adjustment is used to calculate the number of strokes received in the competition.


The outing name will be automatically generated if not entered.  The playing handicap adjustment will be set by default to 100%

When an outing is selected the players that have been added are shown in descending order for Stableford and ascending order for Strokeplay.  To add a new player press the button top left.  The add player screen is shown.  The buttons do not become enabled until a handicap has been entered into the handicap field.  This handicap can be the course handicap.  A handicap to 1 decimal place can be entered into this field.  Once the buttons are enabled the gross scores can be entered.  If the nuclear symbol is pressed a dash will be entered for Stableford.  For Strokeplay the option of numbers between 10 and 18 become available or a "No Return"

The course screen can be opened from the outing page.  This gives a list of all of the courses that have been created in the app. From this screen, and also from the new outing form, new courses can be created.


Par and stroke index is entered using the buttons in the lower half of the screen.  Once a stroke index has been entered the button becomes disabled and cannot be used again.  


If an error is made then the reset button can be used to start the par and stroke index entry again.

The series screen allows the combining of outings.  I use it to give the best 4 scores from 6 outings during my golf holidays.


A series is added which has a name, gives the number of counting rounds and a series type.  Stableford and Strokeplay outings cannot be combined into a series.


Selecting a series will go to the player list.  If no outings have yet been added then the list will be empty.


Select Add Outing(s) to see the outings available

A list of outings is presented.  This will either be all Stableford outings or all Strokeplay outings depending on which type was selected for the series.  Select all outings that are wanted in the series.


These series are combined to show the players in score order.  It also shows the individual scores.  For Strokeplay series no total will be shown until there are a full number of counting rounds


Tapping each individual player will show a list of all the individual scores showing where and when they were scored.  It will then show the score screen for each of the rounds.

The third tab allows the exporting of scores into comma separated files which can then be imported into tools such as Microsoft Excel.  The user has the option of whether to export the series overall scores including outings and/or individual outings.


Whe the user selects to export data an email will be created with attachments that can then be sent.